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So This is Christmas

One of the few photos of Stella & me where I don’t look hungover from lack of sleep. Oh, and I am actually wearing makeup. (I haven’t worn makeup since late August!)

May your day be merry and bright.

Teeny Tiny Sweater Ornament

Someone on the Yarn Harlot’s blog posted a comment with a link to an adorable miniature sweater Christmas tree ornament.

Here’s the pattern, Copyright Julia Trice.

So, I’m making this. And so far, it’s really looking great, if I may say so myself. (Thanks in part to her unbelievable tutorial with step by step photos. Amazing.)

On the left is the sweater body and on the right is my ‘test sleeve.’ I think I’m going to make a whole ‘test sweater’ out of the Red Heart before I make another from the Plymouth Encore.

I’m still waiting on my Ravelry invite, but I’ve got all of my stash and photos Flickr-ed, which is a good thing; I forgot I even had the green Encore wool. I should have enough for a hat for Georgie. I want to find some bright orange for striping.