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Toad House

When we were turning the garden beds last week, my husband found a toad. There’s an old wives tale that having toads in your garden are lucky, which probably stems from the fact that they eat tons of bugs that would otherwise destroy your plants.

One of the best ways to encourage toads to make their homes in your garden is to create a toad house. After checking out some gardening web sites and amazon, and finding a few cute houses (none under $40 that I liked), I found this post which described how to make your own. It’s simple; take an old terracotta planter, epoxy small smooth stones to one half, bury it in the ground, and make sure there’s a nearby water source.

I announced to my four-year-old daughter that we were going to make our own toad house, and she was excited to help pick out the stones. (She chose the orange ones).

Click over to the original post for materials and instruction, courtesy Diane Rixon.

 Our version:

I found that working from bottom up was best. Also, a quick-setting epoxy set quicker, but is a pain to mix and spread on both the stone and the pot.

Small stones with one flat side seem to work best, and the flat, brightly-colored stones seemed to set better than the small river stones. I may make another one as a gift, but I’ll use a smaller pot (I picked a 14″ one and it seems a bit big) and I’ll definitely use brightly colored stones.

In all, the kids are excited about watering the ‘toad pool’ and keeping an eye out for a new friend. I hope we make his acquaintance again soon.