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Teeny Tiny Sweater Ornament

Someone on the Yarn Harlot’s blog posted a comment with a link to an adorable miniature sweater Christmas tree ornament.

Here’s the pattern, Copyright Julia Trice.

So, I’m making this. And so far, it’s really looking great, if I may say so myself. (Thanks in part to her unbelievable tutorial with step by step photos. Amazing.)

On the left is the sweater body and on the right is my ‘test sleeve.’ I think I’m going to make a whole ‘test sweater’ out of the Red Heart before I make another from the Plymouth Encore.

I’m still waiting on my Ravelry invite, but I’ve got all of my stash and photos Flickr-ed, which is a good thing; I forgot I even had the green Encore wool. I should have enough for a hat for Georgie. I want to find some bright orange for striping.

Yarn Score at River Yarns

Woohoo! I just scored a bunch of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran for Stella’s raglan sweater — 50% off! I got enough for her sweater, plus some DK cotton for 2 hats, and spent $40!

I have got to finish the wool hat so that I can get the DK cotton hats on the needles…

Another Knit Store Casualty

My favorite LYS is closing its doors:
The Knitting Garden in Westlake.

Now I’ll only have one area store; River Colors in Lakewood. (Sheep in a Heep never seems to be open, even during their posted store hours, so I don’t really count them.) I shudder to think that I’m going to have to depend on JoAnn and mail order for all of my yarn needs.

Pilgrim’s Progress

Here’s the sock in progress:

I actually got quite a bit done last night while waiting for trick-or-treaters. Plus, I met a woman who (a.) was under 40, (b.) knew what I was doing [knitting], and (c.) knew what I was knitting. I wish I knew for certain whether or not she lives on our street, since I think one of her kids was roughly George’s age, and it would be awesome to be able to have a mini Stitch-n-Bitch disguised as a playdate.

Sigh. A girl can dream, can’t she?

Oh, and in other Knit Knews… I had no idea that Knitgrrl was a local yokel and one of the owners of StitchCleveland! I wonder if she has any book signings lined up…

Yarn Mail!

Oh, I am so excited, I got my Trekker XXL yarn the other day from Modern Yarn:

This stuff is self-striping, so it should make some pretty cool socks. Can’t wait.

Blanket Bingo

So I finally decided on Caron for the baby blanket. I’ve decided to do three-yarns in garter stitch after casting this thing on FIVE TIMES because I kept frogging it after dropping a stitch somewhere in my K3 P3 basketweave pattern. Grumble, grumble.

Pictures as soon as I get my Canon back, which should be by Wednesday.

Yarn mail today, but I haven’t opened it yet… I think it’s a great sock wool, yummy.

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Sock On

So I’m finally making my first attempt at working with double-pointed needles on my very first sock. I am miserable at K2P2 ribbing (largely because I’ve been purling wrong, DUH), so I’ve been practicing on another yarn while this one sits on the needles. Ho, hum. I’m hoping I get the hang of it quickly enough that I can turn out the kids’ Christmas socks.

A friend is expecting a baby but doesn’t yet know the gender… I’m debating if I should make another of my crocheted Bubble Blankets or try a garter-stitched baby blanket instead… methinks I need to go to the yarn shop.

Knit 1 Breakdown

1. List your finished objects, or just list your favorite FO:
Favorite FO is the 3-strand Bubbles Baby Blanket (C) in Lion Pound of Love Pink, White and Yellow that I made for Bubs #3. It worked up fast and easy, even for me, and I actually was able to RWC (read while crocheting).

2. List your works in progress:
Currently, I’m working on a couple of baby sock/slipper patterns and trying out two different baby hat patterns (C) and trying to find a nice slipper pattern for the boys (either C or K).

3. What skeletons are in your knitting basket?
5 skeins of Baby Homespun that I got on sale and have no idea what to do with. I really don’t like Homespun and so I’ve thought about finding a beginner K blanket or afghan pattern, just to use it up so that it stops mocking me every time I open my yarn box.

4. What’s your favorite project?
I taught myself to knit for the sole purpose of making the wicked witch/ruby slipper socks for Bubs #3. I cannot wait to ‘get good’ at purling so that I can make them.

5. What project(s) will you never knit again?
Scratch mittens. I tried two different patterns, but I still hated making them.

6. What was your major knitting accomplishment for the last year?
Teaching myself to knit. From a book. And a CD-ROM.

7. What’s your favorite yarn from the last year?
This great WW multi-colored merino/wool blend that was half off when my LYS went out of business… I made some great six-month-sized hats and slippers with it. The boys lost the hank sleeves, so I have no idea what brand it was.

8. What’s your favorite yarn overall?
I lust after Koigu Painter’s Palette, and would love to make an heirloom baby blanket from it, but at $20 a skein and 5 skeins to make the blanket… let’s just say, I could buy a dresser for that.

9. What new knitting techniques have you learned?
Casting on, knitting, purling… you know, the basics.

10. What are your knitting goals for next year?
Even out my stitches, knit myself some Pippi Longstocking knee socks, find a non-gay pattern (C) for men’s slippers, teach myself to knit Continental (speed is good!), find a pattern (K) for some good wool boot socks that DH can wear to work in the winter.

Sock Obsession

I found an adorable knit pattern from Frog In Knots for ruby slippers. See here:

I absolutely cannot locate a free pattern for this in crochet, and it’s to the point that I’m trying to rework some of the newborn slipper/sock patterns that I have so that I can make these. I am obsessed to the point of actually relinquishing my hook and teaching myself to knit — JUST SO I CAN MAKE THESE STUPID SOCKS! Ugh, I hate when crafting trumps logic.

I should Google pattern conversion to see if there is a site that can automatically convert from knit to crochet…