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Bubbles Baby Blanket II Complete

OK, so I finally finished the Bubbles Baby Blanket crochet pattern that I modified. It really turned out well, if I might say so:

Here’s a closeup of the ‘bubble’ effect:

My only real modification to the original pattern (created by Deneen St. Amour) was that I used three strands of ww yarn instead of just 2.

Final dimensions: 36l x 22w

On the hook

I’ve gotten a few requests from people who would like to know what crochet projects I’m currently working on. Since I seem to have at least two or three going at once, I added a progress tracking item on my sidebar.

I was searching for a newborn hat pattern the other day and found this really great charitable organization:

Afghans for Angels Project

They accept donations of baby blankets/hats/mittens, etc. and distribute them to parents who have lost a baby through miscarriage or stillbirth. If you crochet or knit, or know someone who does, feel free to pass this along.