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Just another thing I keep meaning to blog about;

Since I first started cooking about 11 years ago, I have gone through three Crock Pots. Three. It is so extraordinarily annoying to have my crock pots take a crap after only having them for four or five years.

The most recent slow cooker catastrophe happened on Sunday, when I was making spaghetti sauce and meatballs. The handle broke off of the lid and there’s no way to repair it without getting a replacement.

Rival doesn’t sell just the lid handle; you have to buy an entire lid. Which is $12, plus $8.50 for shipping. Plus tax. Which comes out to about $22. A brand new 5.5 quart oval crock pot is $29.99. With a dishwasher-safe hinged lid that can be secured for travel and removable crock.

It makes me sick how cheaply these things are made nowadays.

Do you see this?

This is the crock pot my Mom gave me about 15 years ago. The stone doesn’t come out, the lid is glass, not molded plexiglass, and there’s no timer feature or fancy schmancy digital display. Three settings — Hi, Low, and Off. She got this crock pot ca. 1973, and gave it to me back in 1995. It’s survived three moves and three children, and it is still working.

I love this crock pot. It’s orange and chipped, but I use it often for small batches of soup or dips. In fact, I use it to keep mashed potatoes warm when we have company. It was made in the USA before Rival started assembling their crock pots overseas. I wish that these things were still manufactured as well as they used to be.