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What Did You Do for Earth Day 2007?

We cut down two trees.

I know, I feel like such a hypocrite. Here we are, Crunchy Con organic gardeners, Metroparks contributors and Holden Arboretum members… cutting down trees. But both trees had grown up right next to our driveway on the neighbor’s side, and she asked George to have them taken down. They were starting to buckle the concrete and the roots were getting into her drains.

One was an American Linden and the other was a very pretty silver maple, which bums me out. We will enjoy burning the wood… and we’ll be planting new silver maples in the backyard once George takes down the dead pear tree.

Fortunately, only one arborvitae was a casualty (better than a hole in their roof or ours) and I guess it’s collateral damage. (I hate those things anyway — the neighbors don’t prune them and they hang over onto our driveway which makes it impossible to get in or out of the van).

Our neighbors across the street spent $1000 to have a tree service take down one of their trees that was similar in size… so I guess we saved a considerable amount of money.

We’ll need it, since the huge pine tree will need to be taken down next year.