Monthly Archives: May 2003


We’re pregnant!

Today makes 4wks 5 days since conception, but the doctors always add 2 weeks on, so technically I’m 6 wks 5 days. Pregnant. Me. I can’t believe it.

We’ve only been trying for two cycles, and since I have r-e-a-l-l-y l-o-n-g cycles, it took us almost 3 full months to conceive. I’m shocked, but getting used to the idea. I have always felt like I’m the last person to get the fun stuff; I was the last of my friends who learned to drive, the last to have a car, the last to get married.

So many of our friends and my sisters-in-law have already had kids, and now it’s my turn. My father-in-law has already made it known that we’re the last hope to carry on the family name, since neither of my husband’s brothers are married.

Nah, no pressure there.

So now I’m battling queasiness. No real morning sickness yet, but I’m always tired and having some weird food things happening… I feel so hungry that I’m sick, then I can only eat half of what I’ve made for myself, and I still feel sick…

We haven’t really told anyone IRL yet, it’s still too early. I did tell my doctor, since I ran into her at the library, and she can’t tell anyone anyway. We’re going to tell my in-laws on the Saturday before Father’s Day, and we won’t be telling my parents, since we’re estranged.

My first midwife appointment (no OB/GYN for me if I can help it; that’s yet another blog entry) is on June 28. I’ll be 11 wks 2 days, and over the big miscarriage hump (40% of all miscarriages occur by 10 weeks).

Whoa, Baby.