Monthly Archives: June 2004

21 weeks 5 days

I could have sworn that the pediatrician wanted to see him at five months, not four. Oh well, he had a five-and-a-half-month checkup yesterday. He’s 15 lbs. 12 oz. now, and doing well. I can’t remember the percentile stuff, it’s relatively unimportant to me, since he’ll progress at his own rate. Bah on those percentile-counters!

The ped suggested that we can start him on rice cereal anytime, but I think I’m going to wait until he’s demonstrating interest in eating. (I checked with my mom, she said she did the same and it worked well.) We’re sitting him at the dinner table with us in his high chair, and he’s content to bang spoons and toys and throw things, so until he starts mooching, I think we’ll keep the cereal on the shelf. No hurry. I love my little nursey-monster.

Speaking of nursing… Next to having Mono when I was 18, this is the thinnest I’ve ever been. Between that and using the treadmill 4 times a week, I’m sitting at 130 lbs. and wearing a size 7. I weigh what I did when I met George! I never thought I’d see 130 lbs. again.

The ped confirmed that he’s teething; little bump on his lower right gum. He’s still having spells of crankiness, but I’ve only had to dose him with acetominophen once when he was very obviously uncomfortable. (George freaked out; he thought I gave him half a gelcap or something. He didn’t realize that they sell Children’s Tylenol and it’s in liquid form.)

This kid is such a character. I look forward to every single day, and thank God that I am blessed with such an amazing life.

21 weeks 1 day

He’s definitely teething.

He’s drooling so much that sometimes he chokes. (I just hold one of his arms up over his head, and he stops. It’s a trick my Grandma Tuggle used to do… and we always laughed about it, but it seems to work. I think that the baby stops coughing because he thinks of how queer I am for doing it, and it distracts him).

One or two little bumps on his lower gums, and he’s just cranky. In fact, his nickname is “Dr. Crankenstein.” He seems to be the worst when he’s due for a nap. Oh, and he’s been biting me while nursing. He usually does it when he’s almost asleep. If I sense a chomp coming on, I pull him in close so that he has to release the nipple in order to breathe through his mouth. So far it’s worked pretty well. He’s woken me out of a dead sleep in the middle of the night with a mighty chomp, so I’m more cautious now.

Doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, we’ll see how big he’s gotten.

20 weeks

I realized the other day how lucky I am to be the oldest child in my family.

George was singing the Five Little Piggies song to the baby… and he stopped halfway through. I prompted him with “This little piggy had roast beef” and realized that he didn’t know the words! I was shocked — doesn’t everyone on the planet know the Five Little Piggies? He doesn’t know “The Wheels On The Bus” either. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have younger siblings to whom you can sing songs and tell nursery rhymes.

As an older child, you get to pass on Knowledge to your siblings. Regardless of how insignificant or trite, you can feel superior imparting this Knowledge. There’s something about being able to recite The Ball Book from memory to your little brother to calm him down in his car seat… and still remember the words 16 years later in order to tease him at your sister’s wedding.

Georgie is five months old today. He’s started arching his back when I put him in his car seat so that I can’t strap him in. What a stinker.

19 weeks 1 day

Parenthood has reintroduced my palate to the joy of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

I only have time to make a quick sandwich for lunch, and lately my selection has been PB&J. I’m amazed that they taste just as good now as they did when I was six.

Georgie is starting to try to roll from back to front; he arches his back and gets to his side, then gets stuck and cries for me to roll him over. He’s also sitting up by himself for about 3 seconds, then topples over. He’s getting a sense of balance on him, which is good, he’s progressing as he should. He’s responding to his name; he turns towards you if you call him, and gives a great big gummy smile.

He just might be a southpaw! He seems to favor his left hand over his right, and George tries to give toys to his right hand to promote ambidexterity.

We have been playing a Raffi CD for the baby and can’t get half of the songs out of our heads. We walk around singing “Brush Your Teeth” and “Robin In The Rain” constantly. It’s enough to make me want to gouge out that little part of my brain that remembers snippets of songs and drives you crazy.

He’s five months old next Sunday… I can’t believe how the time has flown by.