Monthly Archives: October 2004


He’s modeled his first sign!

(Click photo for larger picture)

This is the sign for “Light.” He started doing it yesterday, but we thought he was just reaching for the chandelier in the dining room. Now when you say “Where’s the light?” he looks up at whatever light is on and puts his hand up in the air. I am so excited that he’s communicating! He is very proud of himself.

Running Water Will Do That To You

The other day I took Georgie’s diaper off and was filling the tub for his bath. He decided to pull himself up and check out the water in the tub, so I took a little nakey-butt picture of him.

(Click photo for larger picture)

And as soon as I took the picture, he peed all over the floor. I laughed so hard I nearly fell down.

He’s getting over his first cold; lots of steaming, vaporizer and saline wash in his nose seems to be keeping it in check. Unfortunately, it looks like George caught it, so there’s been a lot of sneezing in our house.