Monthly Archives: January 2005


Tooth #6 finally came through sometime today. Hopefully the night waking/nonstop nursing will slow down.

Favorite foods: Prunes. (No, I’m *not* kidding.) And we tried a toasted cheese sandwich today, which went over very well. (2 slices of whole wheat bread with a slice of organic cheese under the broiler.)

The Big Oh-One

I woke up this morning to find that my baby is one year old. I cannot believe how quickly this past year has gone by. As one of my friends in Michigan said, “Time flies when you’re changing diapers.” Tell me about it.

Oma and Opa and Aunt Duey and Unkie Tom are coming over on Sunday for treats and presents. I think I’m going to bake him a little banana muffin (no nuts!) and use honey instead of sugar. It’s not like he’s going to eat much of it anyway, and the longer we can wait to introduce refined sugars and processed foods, the better of he’ll be.

I’ve written him a letter, which I’ve placed in his baby book, along with the one I wrote to him on the day of his birth. I hope that I can write a note every year, and someday he will be able to read them all. I think my mother kept a baby book for me, but I’ve never seen it — it would be interesting to see when I got teeth, started crawling, first words, etc. There’s such comfort in continuity.

He’s modeled several new signs, including toothbrush and eat. And he likes to throw things. Anything and everything. He’s such a boy!

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

It’s clicked in his little brain — he’s off to the races signing now.

So far he’s mastered most of the one-handed signs; “light” and “fan” and “hot” and “flower” and “tree” and“nursey”. He whines and pulls on my clothes when he wants to nurse, and I say, “George, you have to show me” and he makes the nursey sign.

He knows the names of so many things I can hardly keep track… we’re still working with him on two-handed signs, such as “more” and “book” and “bird.” All in time, I know. I’m continually amazed by something new every day.

Losing a Baby

An online friend of mine from Georgia went into labor and experienced complications with her delivery. Her son Liam was born on New Years’ Day, suffering extensive brain damage and complete reliance on a ventilator.

Kathryn and her family made the difficult decision to disconnect his ventilator, and after spending precious few minutes with him, Liam Osias Andrews passed away at 3:30 PM on January 4.

I think that I feel the loss of a child more keenly now than before George was born. I look into my son’s eyes and cannot fathom him not being here. I cannot imagine never hearing him laugh at a silly noise or seeing him walk for the first time, or watching him investigate a tree or pet the dog… I hug my son a little tighter, and hope that the outpouring of love and support from her friends, both online and IRL, will help ease Kathryn’s suffering. Thankfully, her faith in God is very strong, and she has a firm support system in her church and her family.

Go hug your child. Remember how blessed you are, no matter what trials and tribulations your kid may be foisting upon you.