Monthly Archives: March 2005

Busy, Busy

Over the past ten years, I’ve felt increasingly compelled to learn more about my grandfather and his service to our great nation.

My cousin e-mailed me Grandpa’s discharge papers, which enabled me to find out a lot of information about his service.

When Grandpa was drafted, he was an old man of 27. He completed training the day after Pearl Harbor and shipped out to England a few weeks later. He was a Technician, Grade 4 in the 324th Engineer Combat Battalion, which was attached to the 99th Infantry (Part of the First Army). Grandpa was wounded (shrapnel in his knee) in the Battle of the Bulge and was taken POW by the Germans, on or about December 17, 1944. He spent 120 days as a prisoner in Stalag 13C Hammelburg Om Main, Bavaria. He’s lucky that he got out alive.

I am reading Stephen E. Ambrose’s “Citizen Soldiers”, which is a fantastic book about the enlisted men that made up the majority of the soldiers in World War II. Their stories are amazing, truly inspiring. It makes me feel the weight of my responsibility to show honor and respect for the sacrifices that these men made for my freedom.

In other news… It’s almost Easter, and it’s been crazy around here. We’re trying to finish the remodel and it’s been really rough trying to get in gear. I know that if we don’t do it now, we’ll NEVER get it done (not that a house is ever really done). And we have a serious deadline this time, which should be helpful.

Much more tired this pregnancy than I was last time. And more nauseous — since the first trimester is officially over, I’m hoping that the morning (and afternoon and night)sickness will end soon. I can hope.

You Should See the Other Guy

George has his first shiner. And boy, it’s a good one. He walked into the dresser drawer… it swelled within a minute, and I started to freak out a bit, worrying that his orbital bone was broken or something like that. Fortunately, his “Boo-Boo Bob” icepack came in handy and the swelling came down considerably. No worse for the wear, I just get funny looks from people at the grocery store (who obviously have nothing to do with young children). If anyone says, “Nice shiner!” I say, “Yeah, you should see the other guy.”

St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow! I think of how we used to “celebrate” — taking the day off work, eggs and shots of Jameson at 8AM, working our way downtown to the parade, Guinness, then Harp, then Guinness (real Irish NEVER drink green beer), eating something, drinking some more… it’s a wonder I survived some of those days.

Nah… I don’t miss it.

Hello, Baby

Midwife appointment on Saturday was uneventful; she did a basic check and a Pap and that was it. She scheduled me for an ultrasound, which was this morning. Unfortunately George had to work so he missed seeing the baby and hearing the heartbeat.

I’m measuring 9 weeks 3 days, which surprised me since I expected to be further along (I’m certainly showing sooner than I was last time) but I’m thankful that there are only a few weeks left in the first trimester, which means that my morning sickness should be slowing down (hopefully).

The ultrasound tech was really nice, she printed a bunch of sonogram photos for me, which I will post to the photo album in a little while.

Georgie is still not sleeping… he’s got a bit of a head cold, and although he slept for 5 hours straight on Thursday, he’s been getting me up 2-3 times a night since then. I’m hoping this will pass soon, since both George & I are grumpy from not having enough sleep.