Monthly Archives: April 2005

Long Time Gone

Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve posted. I cannot believe how much time a 15-month old takes up. Well, that and the remodel, which is a real time-sucker.

This pregnancy has gone so quickly; I’m already 17 weeks along! Hopefully I’ll update the photo album with a new belly photo sometime soon.

We’ve scheduled the 20-week ultrasound for the beginning of May (May 10, I think; I’ll have to check my calendar again to be sure). George really wants to find out if we’re having a boy or a girl, so I will acquiesce. Although we definitely aren’t finalizing the names until the baby is born. And he agrees.

The remodel is not humming along as planned; unfortunately because of the idiots that built our house, George has run into quite a few problems that have to be completely redone before he can move towards finishing the downstairs bedroom & bathroom. It’s going to require work on the upstairs bath, which we had not anticipated doing for at least another few years. He’s been really good about picking his battles and prioritizing the various (and seemingly unending) projects that keep popping up.

One side of me says “I just want it DONE” but the other side says “…but it needs to be done right.” And I know George will do it right. Which, in the long-run, is more important for the safety of our family.