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Stress, Stress, Stress

I don’t know if I have ever before experienced the stress that I am living with right now.

The remodel is running behind schedule and there’s no end in sight. The baby is due in less than 9 weeks, and I have no idea where we will be when he comes. I’m experiencing a lot more contractions this time, I’m not in the kind of shape that I was last time, and I fear that may negatively impact my delivery. Compound this with some family issues that we’re experiencing, and the naturally occurring hormones, and I’m simply through the roof with stress.

This is not an enjoyable time in my life.

Another Reason to Refuse Epidurals

Heard this on the news today:

Hospital Sued For Wrongful Death

Christina Ficara – All Headline News Staff Reporter

Los Angeles, CA (AHN) – A California woman is suing a hospital for wrongful death because her husband fainted and suffered a fatal injury after helping delivery room staff give her a pain-killing injection.

Jeanette Passalaqua, 32, filed the suit against Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Southern California Permanente Medical Group Inc. in San Bernardino County state court last week.

Court papers claim in June 2004 Passalaqua’s husband, Steven Passalaqua, was asked by Kaiser staff to hold and steady his wife while an employee inserted an epidural needle into her back.

The sight of the needle caused Steven Passalaqua, 33, to faint and fall backward, striking his head on an aluminum cap molding at the base of the wall.

Jeanette Passalaqua delivered the couple’s second child, a boy, later that day. The lawsuit claims Steven Passalaqua suffered a brain hemorrhage as a result of his fall and died two days later.

The suit seeks unspecified damages related to Steven Passalaqua’s death and to Jeanette Passalaqua’s emotional distress at being widowed with two young children.

Because Passalaqua was solicited by Kaiser to assist in the epidural, the lawsuit states, the hospital “owed him a duty to exercise reasonable care to prevent foreseeable injuries resulting from his participation.”

A spokesman for Oakland, California-based Kaiser Permanente called the death “a tragic accident.”

“Some of the allegations in the lawsuit are simply that – allegations. The legal process is under way and we should respect that,” Kaiser spokesman Jim Anderson, told the Associated Press.

from All Headline News

Pregnancy is progressing well, no major issues. I’m much more tired this time, and difficulty in making time for exercise, which needs to change. When I delivered George, I was in the best shape of my life — yoga 3x per week, plus an hour a day on the treadmill made for some serious leg muscles. The heat certainly hasn’t been helping, but I’m trying to figure out a way around it.

My diet is better this time, however — I’ve been doing well with my fruits & veggies and with some supplementation, I’m hitting my protein goal of about 75-80 grams per day.

Someone asked me about cravings… so far, I’ve been craving anything barbecue — baked beans, ribs, chicken, and macaroni & cheese. I’ve even squirted barbecue sauce on my mac & cheese when I didn’t have any bbq meat in the house. Here’s my current favorite recipe, I’m making it weekly:

Super-Easy Slow-Cooker Barbecue Ribs
2 lbs. babyback beef or pork ribs
1 bottle K.C. Masterpiece Original BBQ Sauce

1. Place ribs in crock pot or slow cooker.
2. Cover with barbecue sauce.
3. Cook on LOW for 8 hours.

Oh, and I’ve been drinking iced tea by the gallon — literally.

I’m definitely bigger sooner. Last time, people were hesitant about asking if I was pregnant when I was 8 1/2 months along. This time, I started hearing “So, when are you due?” around six months. Which is fine by me; I really do enjoy being pregnant.

Georgie has been doing really well with the idea; every morning I tell him, “Smooch the baby” and he blows raspberries on my belly. He pulls up my t-shirt and says “Hi!” to the baby and puts his head on my belly. I ask him, “What is the baby saying?” and he tells me in that beautiful baby babble. (I have no doubt that he knows exactly what he’s talking about). Sometimes he imitates me and sticks his belly out and waddles around; it’s the funniest thing.

The other day he fell asleep with his head on my belly, and the baby kicked so hard Georgie opened his eyes and gave me a dirty look, like I was the one who had kicked him.