Monthly Archives: May 2006

“A Day Out With Thomas” on the CVSR

On Sunday we took the boys to see Thomas the Tank Engine visit the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. First time I’ve ever been to the Boston Mills Station. It was a pretty good place for staging the Thomas visit; plenty of parking and room for the tents.

Our ride was scheduled for 10:15 AM, and we were there early, which was good. There was a large tent set up with a model CVSR train, and a Thomas engine with moving eyes pulling several coaches. There were ropes to keep the children (and adults) from touching the trains, but you always have ignorant people who refuse to keep their kids under control.

After wandering through the various tents (including a Storytelling Station which had a flat-screen plasma TV playing various Thomas videos — we skipped this) we crossed the street (there were several police officers directing traffic) and got in line for our train ride. You can tell that they’ve perfected the setup; everything from calling the cars to board to getting off the train is very organized.

The ride itself was uneventful; they pipe in Thomas music and the Lineman walks from car to car saying hello. All of the children in our car were very well behaved, except for the one that sat right next to us. Of course. He screamed through the entire train ride. Georgie kept looking over at him and saying, “That boy is being bad, Mommy.”

After the ride was over, we got off and walked with the masses towards the engine where there was a HUGE line to take pictures in front of Thomas. They sell 8x10s (I can’t remember how much they were) but we were happy just meeting the driver and taking a couple of photos.

Sir Tophamm Hatt was out every half hour, but we missed him. The line for the temporary tattoos was out the door of the tent, so we skipped that as well. Food-wise, they had burgers, but I don’t know what else they offered; I packed chicken salad sandwiches and we went into the park to have lunch.

Georgie had a great time, and keeps asking to watch his Thomas video (I took some video as we were driving away and the train was coming back into the station).

From the adult standpoint, at $16 a ticket, it’s not really worth it. But when your son’s eyes light up at seeing a real ‘tank engine’ it makes it worthwhile.

Ethan’s Crawling

Ethan’s been trying to propel himself forward by digging his toes into the carpet and pushing. Yesterday he started to “combat crawl” using his arms. I caught him on video this morning.

Poor kid is definitely teething; I know that George’s first two bottom teeth took forever to come in, and it looks like we’re dealing with the same thing with Ethan. He’s also decided to follow in his brother’s footsteps by refusing to sleep… he wakes up about 20-30 minutes after I put him down at night, and doesn’t settle until about 9PM. He only sleeps for about 3 hours before he’s up again. I’m so tired I bring him into bed to nurse, and he tosses and turns, rolls over onto me, pinches me, scratches my face to get my attention, sticks his head under my armpit, whines… I know that sometimes babies will wake up in the middle of the night when they learn a new “trick” — like crawling — and ‘practice,’ so I’m hoping that’s all this is, but I need to start going to bed earlier so that I can get into the habit of putting him back down to sleep instead of bringing him into bed.

Ugh, I pray that there won’t be two years of this sleep deprivation like we had with George. If that’s the case, I don’t know if I can handle more babies! And I hate to say that…