Monthly Archives: August 2006

Offline and House Updates

We’ve been offline since the beginning of July, so no recent updates on the house, but lots of stuff has been completed. Will try to post photos later as I take them.

We’re having the counter installers come to template the kitchen tomorrow, and we should have our nice granite tops in about a week.

Cabinets and dishwasher are installed, along with the range vent hood (I can’t use my great microwave/range hood, thanks to some expensive mistakes on behalf of the Home Depot “designer” who doesn’t know a measuring tape from… well, you get the picture…)

The sink is probably my favorite “splurge” in the kitchen (and there are many). I understand it wasn’t a picnic to try to install the 134-lb. behemoth, but it looks wonderful and is the perfect size for bathing the baby.

Bedroom has been painted and is almost finished, save the closet doors and trim and other minor (easy for me to say “minor” since I don’t do any of the actual work, my ability is limited to handing tools and trying to determine the difference between a wire nut and a hazelnut).