Monthly Archives: September 2006

Big Boy Bicycle

Georgie has been pleading for a “big boy bike” for several months. He begs to go across the street to our neighbors, whose three-year-old has a cute little 12-inch two-wheeler with training wheels.

We really agonized over the decision to get him a two-wheel bike. He enjoys his little tricycle, and didn’t even think about a two-wheel bike until he saw the neighbor’s. We don’t want to ‘give in’ to materialism and let him think that he has to have what everyone else has.

We’ve been telling Georgie that if he has a BM on the toilet, he’ll get a big-boy bicycle. And this morning he decided that he was going to sit on the potty and have a BM. True to our word, we got him his first two-wheeler. He’s so thrilled.