Monthly Archives: November 2006

Who is Doing the Training — Him or Me?

It’s been several months since I posted, and so much has changed. Just the day-to-day routine, but it’s stunning how life happens while you’re waiting for something else.

Ethan is walking — everywhere! I have to chase after him constantly — now I remember why MJ says this was her least-favorite stage of babyhood; they have no fear and no comphrehension of boundaries. Heart attacks on a daily basis.

George is now in the preliminary stages of potty training. I started working with him about six months ago, and he demonstrated a little interest in the potty (we even caught a BM!) but he started being completely disagreeable whenever we even mentioned the toilet, so we stopped completely. These past few weeks he’s been dressing himself (elastic-waisted sweat pants, socks and t-shirts) and has really been following instructions (“go throw this in the garbage” or “put your shoes in their cubby”). I’ve been letting him help me do some baking (I have to post the photos of him in an ‘apron’ and chef’s hat, rolling out pie crust dough) and he’s really paying attention to things.

So we pulled out the potty chair, and I have a few tricks that I’m trying.

First, I started a Potty Prize Bowl. I went to the dollar store and Target and picked up about 30 little party favors (like Matchbox cars and trucks) and packages of M&M minis. I wrapped them up in tissue paper and ribbon, and every time George goes on the potty, he gets a Potty Prize. Accidents are no big deal, we just clean up and pay no extra attention to them. I don’t want shame to be part of this process; it does more harm than good.

Second, we wrote a book all about George’s potty process. It’s called (ironically enough) “George’s Potty Book.” I took pictures of him in all stages — playing with Ethan, stopping, going into the bathroom, sitting on his potty, going, pictures of his potty (I bet the photo lab guy loved that one!), pulling up his pants, washing hands, picking out a prize. Then I wrote a little caption for each photo, and put it in one of those $1.99 plastic photo albums that Target has. He now has his own potty book, which is his favorite book to read. (I wonder why).

Speaking of potty… someone just told me he peed on the floor. In front of the potty chair. *sigh* at least it’s not on the carpet.