Monthly Archives: March 2007


Wow, I am so far behind in this blog! I have received more than a few ‘gentle’ nudges to update, so here’s what’s happened since the last post:

Christmas 2006 was cancelled due to sickness
New Years 2007 (barely recovered)
Georgie daytime potty trained in early January
Georgie turned three
I taught myself how to crochet
Ethan has started repeating just about every word we say (when he feels like it)
We found out we’re expecting Baby #3 in September
I’m working on a homeschool preschool curriculum with Georgie
I’m planning to finish up my certification for medical coding this summer through Cleveland State


So here’s my second crochet creation — a hat and bootie set for the new baby:

(The first was a scarf. It’s not so bad I won’t wear it, but it’s not so good I want a picture of it, IYKWIM).

Georgie is obsessed with school. We’ve made two trips to the Kindergarten class of one of George’s DARE schools the wonderful teacher has made Georgie welcome. He filled his backpack with books and took his his fruit and water bottle with him today. It was so funny to see him right at home!

We decided not to send him to preschool this year; when he turns four we may enroll him in the preschool program that’s offered by the public schools in our city. It’s only 2 mornings a week, 9 to noon. After that, we’ll take it year by year as to whether we decide to homeschool or send him to school.

He is very frustrated that he can’t read yet — he brings me books and says, “I can’t read the letters, Mommy!” He’s actually asked to “work on my letters” and he can print lower-case c, s, o and t and upper-case H and Q. He’s started telling me he doesn’t want to do letters at home, he wants to do them at school. So, he may be a better candidate for classroom-based education and we supplement with extras. Who knows? We’ll follow his lead for now and see what will serve his best interests.