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Ho ho ho

Merry Christmas!

I finished my Teeny Tiny Ornaments, which turned out great, if I may say so.

Christmas was fun and virtually stress-free (due to choices, of course), with only a few minor meltdowns on behalf of the boys. It appears that their favorite presents are their guitars, the basketball hoop, and the “Lone Ranger” stick horses. They are hilarious, running around with their cowboy hats and badges from Grandpa Lenny & Grandma Tina.

So This is Christmas

One of the few photos of Stella & me where I don’t look hungover from lack of sleep. Oh, and I am actually wearing makeup. (I haven’t worn makeup since late August!)

May your day be merry and bright.

Hard times

These past few weeks have been very difficult on me emotionally. My Granny H died ten years ago on the 14th, and today would have been Grandma & Grandpa T’s wedding anniversary. Ethan reminds me of my Granny H, they even have the same laugh:
(This is from when he was about seven months old.)

Thoughts of family that have passed away invariably make me think of my mom. Although I am sure it was extremely difficult, she took care of Granny H for a very long time until the cancer became too much and hospice was the only option. I don’t know if I ever told her how much I respect her for what she did. I hope someday to get the chance.

I have been studying the theme of reconciliation in the Bible, and I finally have come to an understanding of why I struggle so greatly with my relationship with my mom. Back in the Old Testament, Joseph’s brothers hate him and decide to sell him into slavery. They tell their father, Jacob, that Joseph was attacked and killed by wild animals (nice, huh?). Fast forward seven years, and there stand 7 of Joseph’s 10 brothers, bowing before him and begging for food because of the famine in their land.

Joseph could have immediately made his identity known to his brothers. He could have sent them away without even speaking to them (and why would he, after the way he had been treated?). But instead, he lays a test before them. He hides a golden cup in Benjamin’s bag, then “finds” it and accuses him of stealing. (Granted, Joseph just wanted to keep his brother near him, not actually throw him into prison).

The reasoning behind this charade was to find out if his brothers had changed their hearts. Judah, the one who had hated Joseph the most, begged to be exchanged for his brother. He showed Joseph that he had *truly* changed his ways and was worthy of reconciliation.

This quote from a study of the Torah sums the whole thing up nicely:

The story teaches that repentance and forgiveness are essential to reconciliation. But the key to convincing the other side that reconciliation is possible is to give an unequivocal sign of turning one’s back on the past.

I hope someday that we can reconcile and have an honest, open relationship. I hope my children are able to have as great of a relationship with their grandparents as I did with mine.

Fighting over nothing

The boys were playing in the hallway this morning when they erupted into their fifth dust-up of the day (and it wasn’t even 9AM). I rounded the corner, ready to don my referee stripes, and asked Ethan to give me the toy they were arguing over. I opened my palm and he handed me…


Literally. They were fighting over a pretend water bottle. Georgie said, “But it’s MY turn to drink!”

I nearly cried, both from the sheer stupidity and the sheer creativity of the situation. I have never known children to argue over something that doesn’t even exist.

Teeny Tiny Sweater Ornament

Someone on the Yarn Harlot’s blog posted a comment with a link to an adorable miniature sweater Christmas tree ornament.

Here’s the pattern, Copyright Julia Trice.

So, I’m making this. And so far, it’s really looking great, if I may say so myself. (Thanks in part to her unbelievable tutorial with step by step photos. Amazing.)

On the left is the sweater body and on the right is my ‘test sleeve.’ I think I’m going to make a whole ‘test sweater’ out of the Red Heart before I make another from the Plymouth Encore.

I’m still waiting on my Ravelry invite, but I’ve got all of my stash and photos Flickr-ed, which is a good thing; I forgot I even had the green Encore wool. I should have enough for a hat for Georgie. I want to find some bright orange for striping.