Monthly Archives: September 2008

50% off beats all

Several months ago I was complaining about the cost of yarn swifts and ball winders. One of my Ravelry friends suggested that I wait for the 40% off coupon from, then order the swift. Wait until I get another 40% off coupon and order the winder. (You can only get 40% off of one item.)

George called me last week to tell me he found a Joann coupon, and did I want him to bring it home. Good man.

I ended up finding a 50% off coupon code online, so I got both swift and winder, with tax and shipping, for $95. So guess what I did yesterday? Pictures to follow.

Is Summer Really Gone?

So much has happened since my last post in May. My father-in-law passed away; my sister had her first baby, as did my neighbor; I brewed beer for the first time, my container garden mostly died. Birthdays, anniversaries, you name it.

So I will not lament that which I did not document. I will share from here on out.

George took the day off today and we took the boys fishing.

Ethan caught the biggest fish, but George made up for it in volume.

Other fun things we did this summer…

went to the beach

visited the Memphis Kiddie Park with Aunt Mary

checked out the fire station

went to Stan Hywet Hall
(this picture is the exact spot where George proposed to me eight years ago that very day. How far we’ve come.)

visited Brandywine Falls (two photos, eight years apart to the day.)

I’ve also finished some of my knitting projects, which makes me very happy.

As sweater weather looms around the corner, I hope to have more time to blog. It’s just been so beautiful, we’ve been outside as much as possible.