Monthly Archives: October 2008

The Story of Pear Butter

Once upon a time, there was a man who decided to pick the pears off of his tree.

He picked more pears that his family could possibly eat.

(like, twice as much as you see in this picture.)

So, his wife, knowing how much her husband and children like pear butter, decided to put some up.

(This is the first of three batches of peeled, seeded and cored pears that went into the 5.5 quart crock pot.)

And after cooking down, blending, spicing, cooking down again, and processing in a hot water bath, this is what we have.

And the final tally
(Three jars are missing; one is almost gone already, and two are in the freezer.)

Did I mention, I do not like pear butter?

First Day of Preschool

We decided to sign George up for a “Kindergarten Readiness” class at a local preschool. It’s one afternoon a week, for 2 hours, which is perfect; gets him used to separation, allows him to socialize with a small group of children, and gives me a nice block of one-on-one time with Ethan.

Today was his first day, and he did great.

On the way home tonight, Daddy saw some firewood on the side of the road, so he took the truck to go and pick it up. The boys went out to help, which of course meant that a 20-minute job took almost an hour. But, I think they all had fun.


The boys had their fist dentist visit today. No cavities, clean teeth, everything is great. Yay!

Their favorite part? They have gloves and masks to play dentist at home.

Baby Surprise Jacket

So I finished my Baby Surprise Jacket, which looked really, really odd when knitting. I made a few mistakes, which are visible on the front (of course) so I was thinking about ripping back to the neckline and adding some more striping. Then Stella decided to pull the buttons off, so I’ve decided I’m definitely ripping back, getting rid of the buttons and doing a little i-cord buttonhole for one button at the neck. Much safer. George says he doesn’t like the one-button look, so he wants me to keep at least three. We’ll see what works.

IMG_1098 IMG_1096