Monthly Archives: March 2009

I should be at the grocery store

I really should be at the grocery store right now, but I’m not. If I don’t go, there’s no bread for lunches, no lettuce for salad, no breadcrumbs for the fish tonight.

The boys were really misbehaving last night; fighting with each other, their sister, refusing to clean their room, etc. I took away privilege after privilege (no playing outside, no videos, no Uno) but nothing was working.

Finally I set the timer and said, “If this room is not clean by the time this goes off, YOU DO NOT GET ANY DINNER.”

That’s a real, honest threat. In our house, food is currency. These kids eat more than I ever imagined they would at this age; I am not looking forward to their teen years if this is what they consume now. So I thought they would take me seriously.

They didn’t.

Five minutes left on the timer, I gave them The Warning. And they continued to play, throw toys, etc.

The timer rang, and all hell broke loose.

But I stood by my words, and they didn’t get any dinner last night. Yes, they went to bed hungry. And they were starving when they woke up this morning, which was to be expected.

I hope we don’t have to go through that again any time soon.