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A Bird in the Hand

Yesterday George runs in the back door, yelling, “Mommy! Mommy! Come here and see what I got!”

“What is it, George?”

“Just come here and see!”

I go to the back gate, and he’s holding a Carolina Wren. I can tell by the little brown eyebrows.

“Look what I caught, Mommy!”

“Oh, Georgie,” I say. We’ve told you not to pick up dead birds. Go put it on the compost pile.”

“No, Mommy! It’s not dead. It’s alive!” The bird gets a wing free and I see it start to flap.


“Um, Georgie, take it back outside please.”

The wing is flapping a little more fiercely.

“Georgie, PLEASE open the door and take it outside.”

Georgie opens the screen door and the flapping has unnerved him slightly. He drops the bird, it flutters against the glass before making its way to freedom.

I breathe a sigh of relief and turn to him.

“How did you catch that bird?”

His eyes are alight with excitement. “I sneaked up on it at the bird feeder and grabbed it!”

Seriously? My five-and-a-half-year-old ball of continuous energy has the ability to stalk a full-size Carolina wren? And catch it? Something the neighborhood cats could only dream of doing?

I’m laughing. I can’t help it.

“Georgie, why did you want to catch the bird?”

“I wanted it to sit on my finger, but it didn’t want to.”

I nodded.

“Those are wild birds. They don’t want to sit on your finger. They don’t know you won’t hurt them. Did you feel how fast it’s heart was beating when you were holding it?”

Wide eyes and big nod.

“It was scared. It didn’t understand that you just wanted to play. So next time, we’ll just leave the wild birds alone, OK?”

Another nod.

“Hey, Georgie.”

“Yeah, Mommy?”

“THAT WAS SO COOL!” I am laughing again, can’t help it. “I can’t believe you CAUGHT a BIRD!”

Where’s the phone to call Daddy?

What a difference a day makes

I love my kids. More than anything, in fact. But sometimes you just need a little break.

We found this great little cabin in Hocking Hills, Ash Ridge Cabins in Laurelville, OH. Three cabins, all set about 500 feet away from one another, which offers great privacy. We stayed in the Lover’s Loft cabin, which they happened to have available for one night — perfect for us.

After checking in and unloading our gear, we headed to The Rock House to check out an awesome rock formation. We also got some great photos of George and me inside.

Then we went to Conkle’s Hollow and hiked a 2.5 mile trail around the rim of the gorge; very rugged, difficult terrain, only for the experienced hiker. One misstep and you fall 200+ feet to a certain and painful death.

Unfortunately, I forgot my sport sandals at home, so ended up wearing a cheap pair… and I sustained an injury.

Thoroughly tired out from our hike, we headed back to the cabin to eat dinner and have a few drinks. Then, the lovely hot tub on the back porch was perfect for our sore legs.

We had a relatively decent night’s sleep — some joker decided it would be funny to set the alarm in the upstairs bedroom to go off at 1AM, which was decidedly unfunny. So much for sleeping well.

We were up early this morning, and I spent some time with this.

Tea, knitting, and the birds… I was content for the entire morning.

George was right there with me.

Coffee in hand, he pointed out a pileated woodpecker that was probably 16″ in length! Nuthatches, goldfinches and Carolina sparrows were also sighted. We also saw about 10 deer, and an opossum that came to investigate the bird feeder last night.

All in all, it was a nice, relaxing weekend. We spent the entire trip talking about how much the children would love this place, the hiking and the rocks. We’ll be bringing them back this summer.