Monthly Archives: August 2011

Taking the plunge

Summer is winding down and I’m preparing for the boys to go to school; George will be in second grade and Ethan is starting Kindergarten.

A few weeks ago I started figuring out what my school schedule would be, and felt my blood pressure start to rise. Here’s what a typical day would be for me:

5:30 AM — Up, treadmill, shower, pack George’s breakfast/lunch
7:00 AM — Get kids up, breakfast, lunch packed
8:15 AM — Drop George off at school
9:15 AM — Drop Stella off at preschool
11:00AM — Leave to pick Stella up from preschool. Ethan eats lunch in the van
11:15AM — Pick Stella up from preschool
11:35AM — Ethan’s bus pickup. (I’ll have to drive him when he misses it, which will be almost daily.)
2:10PM — Leave to pick George up from school
3:30PM — Get Ethan off the bus

This does not take into account me going to tutoring for my Math class, or doing errands, or cleaning, or any of my other daily work. Needless to say, I was starting to stress out considerably.

George, in a fit of logic, said: “Just don’t send her to preschool.”

What? Oh. That’s right. That is an option, isn’t it?

So I looked at the situation and asked myself, ‘What is going to work out best for our family as a whole?’ (In other words: What is going to keep me from stressing out, in return stressing out the rest of the people who live here?)

Me being me, I started thinking. And doing research. My thinking led me to realize that my best solution would be putting Ethan in morning Kindergarten. He’s much more focused early in the day, which is very important. Plus it makes for a less-stressful day, which benefits everyone.

My research led me to realize that lots of moms homeschool their preschoolers. Some have a structured curriculum, some organized play, some keep it simple with books and playdough and trips to the nature center.

I found a simple curriculum online called K4 Curriculum, and I’m using a modified workbox system to help keep me organized. Not to mention less stressed.

Are you sensing a theme here?

Stella seemed a little bummed when I told her she wouldn’t be going to school this year. When I asked her if she’d like to do school at home, she thought for a minute and asked, “Can I have a snack every day?”

Yes, little girl. Yes you can.

So I hope to post some pictures of her school area once I have it set up, and I intend to detail our homeschooling experiences.

By the way, I got an A in my Algebra class. Perfect example of how study and hard work pays off.