Book Review: Death Penalty by William J. Coughlin

Death Penalty (A Charley Sloan Courtroom Thriller)Death Penalty by William J. Coughlin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I picked this up from the clearance rack at Half Price Books, and this is a definite winner.

Charley Sloan is arguably the nicest defense attorney you’d ever want to meet. Recovering alcoholic and thrice-divorced, Charley made it big before losing everything and almost getting disbarred. Climbing back from the brink, selling shoes and real estate to make ends meet, he rebuilds a small one-man practice by handling divorces, real estate transactions,representing petty criminals and the occasional high-profile murderer.

Charley finds himself in a tough situation when an old down-and-out attorney friend asks him to handle the appeal on a big liability case. When he hears whispers that one of the appellate panel judges may be on the take, Charley has to decide how to proceed. If he refuses to go along, he will lose the judgement and his percentage, but more importantly, his client — rendered quadriplegic by an accident — will never receive proper care.

Charley is likable, honest and truly concerned about the best interests of his clients. I found myself hoping that this wasn’t the only Charley Sloan book written, and I’m looking forward to reading more.

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