Picking Up Stitches

I’m almost finished with the Ruby Slippers for Stella, and I’ve figured out why the toes look so weird.

I’m picking up stitches incorrectly.

I’ve been using two needles instead of one, and it pulls the wool something fierce. Since Stella’s feet are already almost too big for the infant size, I’m going to make another pair next size up.

The Irish Hiking Scarf really looks good, George has even commented on how nice it’s turning out. Something like, “It looks like the sleeve on an Irish sweater.” Oh, you mean like this? (The Aran Fishing Sweater is in my queue, should I ever work up enough nerve to do a sweater for myself.) I’ve finally memorized the scarf pattern, so it’s that much easier to work on while I’m cooking dinner or listening to a book on CD with the boys.

Oh, and for those who’ve been asking, the bread turned out good. I made a second loaf, which was much better — I added the roasted garlic before the bread proofed, so it was mixed throughout the loaf. The soup wasn’t my best batch. I used Yellow Tail Cabernet-Shiraz blend, which just wasn’t dry enough. Next time I must remember to go for a straight Cab, it seems to make the difference.

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