Stash Photography

So Fetching is finished, and I’m not thrilled with the thumbs, but they are warm and wearable. I need to dig out my tripod and take some photos, I just don’t seem to have time when there’s decent natural light around.

A lot of my stash & object photos do not look very good, as I am not what you would call photographically inclined. I see some of the most amazing FO and yarn photos on Ravelry… lo and behold, there is a Ravelry group specifically for these people! I browsed some of the messages and got a few good tips on making my stuff look less… well, ‘flashy.’

Oh, and I taught myself how to unknit today! I am so proud, I’m going around unknitting everything in sight. No more frogging-the-whole-thing-because-I-had-a-yarn-over-somewhere. I am so happy, especially since this Irish Hiking Scarf requires attention while knitting.

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