Camera Shy

So my Canon PowerShot A70 took a crap and it turns out that it’s a known issue with the CCD (LCD display) and that Canon will fix it, free of charge, including shipping. So I sent it off this morning, which means I can’t take a picture of the progress I’ve made on my first sock. Which isn’t much, to be honest.

I had to replace my size 8 bamboo needles (the boys decided to use them for lock picks or something) so I stopped at The Knitting Garden. Somehow a skein of Jelli Beenz sneaked into my bag… I’m going to use it to make Christmas socks for the kids.

I really want to make this raglan sweater for Stella:

Unfortunately, TKG doesn’t carry the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran… so methinks I may need to check out eBay and look for a nice sagey green. Dangerous, when eBay and yarn are mixed.

I still need to decide on a reasonable yarn for the baby blanket.

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