Lapbook on Black Holes

George has been complaining that he’s bored at school. (This is usually followed by a ‘can I PLEEEEEEZE homeschool?’ to which I reply, ‘You think school is tough now, it’s NOTHING compared to what it would be like to homeschool with  me, dude.’)

So, I have embarked on a project; every other month he chooses a science or history subject he’d like to do research on, and on opposing months he does a book report (his choice). The first subject he chose was black holes. And here’s a video I took back in November of the lapbook I created for him.

The materials I used were all from the juvenile science section of the local library. The one book that was most helpful was Eyes on the Sky: Black Holes by Don Nardo (ISBN 0737713666). It’s written for ages 8 and up, and the index and glossary were simple enough for George to navigate.

As my first lapbook attempt, I can say this: Thank God I have a Xyron sticker maker. It made the process so much faster.

He did a great job; in fact, he took it to school to show his teacher, who in turn sent it to the principal, who wrote him a nice note about what a great job he did. (He was very proud).

I’m hoping he picks a reasonable book for his next report.

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