Day Out with Thomas 2007

We splurged and took the boys to the CVSR’s Day Out With Thomas again this year. George had Friday off and suggested that we go as early as possible, so we bought tickets for the 9:30 AM ride. It worked out perfectly, as there were very few people there which translated to less hysteria for all children involved.

Both boys seemed to enjoy themselves, although Georgie has started withdrawing a bit when he’s overwhelmed by a situation. He doesn’t burst into tears and throw a tantrum; he either gets quiet or starts whining. Before our train ride, he didn’t want his picture taken; the only way he’d let me take his picture was when I told him he didn’t have to smile.

So he didn’t.

Click for larger photo.

I packed a lunch, so we drove to the Ranger headquarters and parked in their lot, which is right next to one of the crossings for the railway. Since the train was running every half-hour, we knew we’d get to see it go by. It worked out perfectly, George took Georgie down by the crossing and he got to see Thomas blow his whistle at the crossing.

I’ve added pictures to the photo album for those interested.

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