Mother’s Day 2007

The good news is, I didn’t have to do any dishes today!

The bad news is, they’re all piled in the sink for me to do tomorrow. :sigh:

I had a really nice Mother’s Day today; the boys let us sleep in until 8 or so, and he got up with them so that I could sleep in a bit. After we fed them oatmeal and fruit, we went for coffee and bagels and then went to the Rocky River Nature Center in the Cleveland Metroparks. Lots of people had the same idea; the parking lot was much fuller than normal. We watched some migratory birds as they stopped off at the Center’s feeders, then checked out a portion of the wildflower area. If the boys hadn’t needed naps, we would have taken a walk, but sleep was of the essence. After naptime (for all of us), the boys played outside with Daddy while I ran an errand. When I got home, Ethan had walked into the sledgehammer (how does he do this stuff?) and had a little red mark sprouting on his eyebrow. Poor kid, I don’t know who felt worse, him or Daddy. Boo-Boo Bob helped the swelling, his pupils seemed OK, so we watched him play with Georgie for a few minutes, and all seemed well. No loss of consciousness or anything drastic, which is good.

After dinner we played outside for awhile and then put the boys down later, around 8:30. After I finish some work for George, I’ll be heading downstairs to fold clothes and do a load of laundry.

…It may be Mother’s Day, but everything still needs to get done.

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