Farm Animals and Soap Mohawks

Yesterday we visited Lake Farmpark, which the boys loved. They had a special program, called “Railroads in the Park,” which was a huge hit with both George and Ethan. (Every time one of the engines would come around the corner, Ethan would take off his hat, wave it, and yell, “All Aboard!” I have some pictures of them petting sheep, helping curry a horse, and sitting on a barrel saddle. I’ll have to upload them to the photo album later.

Bathtime was fun, I got some pictures and video of their crazy soapy hair.

When we were leaving Farmpark, George bought the boys these little plastic Ertl tractors. Georgie asked to sleep with his last night, and we let him. He was laying in bed, and I was sitting next to him holding his hand, and he was clutching his little red tractor to his chest. He slept with it all night and when woke up this morning, I could hear him in the hallway playing with it already.

When George came up from the shower, the first thing he said was, “Thank you for my tractor, Daddy!” I wonder why it’s such a big deal — because it was a surprise that Daddy picked out just for him, for no real reason? Those really are the best presents, after all.

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