Bringing the Mountain to Mohammed

I was listening to the most recent Focus On Your Child CD this weekend, and there was a segment about potty training that caught my interest. The pediatrician that was being interviewed was giving a lot of tips about potty training, and said that one of the most important things the parent can do to encourage their child to have a bowel movement on the toilet is to make sure their knees are higher than their waists. He suggests using a small potty chair instead of a ring on the adult toilet.

George seems to hide under the table whenever he wants to have a BM. So, I put his potty chair under the table along with a little box for his feet to elevate his knees. I took his diaper off after breakfast and told him to have a BM in the potty, let me know if he needed help, etc.

He sat on it off and on, and about an hour after he ate, he had his first BM on the potty! I was so proud, we made a huge deal, took pictures (I know — add that to my list of things I never thought I’d do!) and had an ice cream sandwich with candles in it! Special treats for such a good job.

I’m thrilled that he’s put one and two together (ha) and I’m going to keep encouraging him. He woke up wet from his nap, but I’m hoping that I can encourage him to use the potty more during the day.

Whenever he’s ready, he’ll learn to use the potty. I have heard about parents who decide to force their kids to potty train because the daycare won’t take them until they’re trained. I’m so thankful we aren’t in that situation, that he’s able to learn at his own pace and not be forced into something he’s not ready for.

My mom told me that my brother potty trained in about a week, because she read his cues and realized when he was ready. How much easier to for your child when you’re in tune with them — not to mention, less stressful for the parent.

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