Ethan’s Pulling Up

In other news, Ethan pulled himself up on the outside of the bathtub today. (Why is it that they like to congregate in the bathroom while I’m taking a bath? Tons of toys in the living room, but they want to ‘help’ me in the bathroom.)

I thought it was just an anomaly, but he did it a second time. He’s really trying hard to keep up with George; he’s combat crawling all over the place (has the rug burns on his knees to prove it. I wish I had little kneepads for him!) and rocks back and forth on his knees. He’s also going from a crawling position to a sitting position.

And he’s eating so well! I’m not as haphazard with solids as I was with George. Ethan gets organic oatmeal and fruit every mornng, nurses all day (sometimes literally, it seems) and then organic rice cereal and veggies at dinner. Even if he doesn’t like something at first (carrots and bananas were a big yuck) I keep trying it, and he’s been really good about eating everything I’ve given him. I wasn’t so disciplined with George, and he tends to be a little more finicky.

Live and learn!

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