Cereal Success

Ethan has been showing interest in food; when we sit down to eat, he cries to sit on my lap, and then grabs anything and everything within reach. Last night I tried a tablespoon of organic brown rice cereal mixed with 2-3 tablespoons of breastmilk, and he ate all of it.

Just yesterday he propelled himself forward about an inch by pushing with his toes. I think he’ll be crawling before too long, just like Georgie.

George saw some high school boys practicing baseball last week, and he’s become obsessed. We bought him a ball and bat, but I can’t find a mitt small enough for a two-year-old’s hands. There are several ballparks near our house, plus BW’s practice fields are only about a ten-minute drive, so I have a feeling we’ll be watching a lot of baseball this summer. George doesn’t have time to watch sports, so it’s interesting that Georgie has taken to it so quickly. He points out every basketball hoop he sees when we’re driving, and yells “Football, Mommy! Football!” when we drive by the Sunday morning flag football game at one of the local rec centers.

Boys rock.

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