Bad Childhood, Good Life

I managed to catch the last half of today’s Focus on the Family broadcast. Dr. Dobson was talking with Dr. Laura Schlessinger about her new book, “Bad Childhood, Good Life.” I downloaded the podcast from iTunes so that I could hear the whole thing, and it’s an excellent program — worth the wait on dialup!

I especially appreciated one of her points; some people have a victim-mentality. They experienced a difficult childhood, and nothing makes them happy. They’re miserable no matter what happens in their life, and they blame it on their parents. They suffer and everyone around them suffers because they can’t seem to move on.

Get over it. So your Mom didn’t like you as much as she liked your sister. Get over it. So you made good grades and nobody paid attention. Get over it. Live life the way you’re supposed to, not how the victim mentality dictates you should, by blaming everyone and everything around you.

My mom had a really rough childhood, but she doesn’t walk around in misery, blaming her parents. She is a happy person who chooses to concentrate on her faith, her loving relationship with my Dad, her children and her grandchildren. I’m sure she has difficult times, stressful times, “what-if” moments, as we all do. But she’s secure in her relationships and content with the path she has taken. I have learned a lot from her positive outlook on life, and I hope to model this same attitude for my children.

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