Killing Cable

I’ve come to the decision that television is abominable. I’ve complained before about the horror that is prime time TV, how men are made the butt of chauvinist jokes and “Mommy-knows-best” one-liners. But I’m finding that it’s more insidious than I initially believed.

Take the prime time train wreck that is “The Bachelor.” One man dates 25 women at the same time. Towards the end of the program he’s dating three or four women simultaneously, and freely ‘makes out’ with each of them during one-on-one dates.

This is an exercise in lunacy that amounts to emotional prostitution. Does the American viewing public really expect honesty in the face of television cameras? With every hair in place, these women pour their hearts out in Days of our Lives-style scripted breakdowns where they shake their fists and annouce, “he should be mine.”

And what does this teach our daughters? That you aren’t worth pursuing, that you must pursue? That jockeying for position for the attentions of a man is acceptable because he is well-chiseled and well-heeled? That it’s acceptable to date three or more women at once, no big deal, it’s all part of the game? That everything is about looks and how well you can make yourself fit the “ideal” mold?

I’m so glad that we decided to kill cable a few years back. What a waste of time and money it was. I wouldn’t invite these people into my home for a meal, why would I allow them to entertain me through another means?

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