Did you know that children’s movies aren’t necessarily kid-friendly? A girl I know took her two kids (aged 4 and 2) to see “Finding Nemo” when it was in theaters several years ago. G-rated Disney film. Saturday afternoon matinee showing. Naturally, there are going to be lots of kids doing kid-things like making noise.

An older couple without kids decided to sit behind my friend. During the movie the woman leaned forward and asked her to keep her kids quiet. Now, part of me says, “you paid your money and you should be able to see the show, plain and simple.” The other part of me says, “trying to keep a hundred kids under age 5 quiet for over an hour is like trying to herd cats. What are you THINKING going to a Saturday afternoon showing of a Disney movie and asking little kids to be quiet?”

So, my idea is this: Movie theaters should have one weekly daytime showing (e.g., 11 AM on Wednesdays) where current kids movies are shown. Baby-friendly with room for strollers, sound turned down and lights dimmed, kids don’t get “shushed” for being themselves. No expectation of quiet during “Curious George.”

I know that some theaters do this, but it’s just for moms with babies under age 1. The Loews theater in Richmond Heights offers a weekly “Reel Moms” screening, but the movies they show are adult-oriented (currently they’re screening “Date Movie” which is completely inappropriate for Georgie to see, even if he’s not ‘really paying attention’).

Cheap, local, kid-friendly entertainment is increasingly hard to come by. If anyone knows of Cleveland-area events that are child-oriented and inexpensive, let me know — I may just start an online calendar myself, since there are a very limited number of Web sited devoted to the subject.

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