Macaroni Art

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Wow, being a toddler is a busy business. I am amazed by how quickly George gets bored with toys. He’d rather have coloring books and stickers than plastic blocks. Coloring books and colored pencils seem to work for keeping him quiet in church (at least for a little while).

I’m looking for crafty ideas that are (relatively) neat. My friend Becky has given me some good ideas:

  • Tissue paper squares glued onto construction paper or paper plates
  • Paper plate masks decorated with crayons, yarn-hair and goofy eyes
  • Macaroni art
  • Make-your-own sticker books
  • Dipping golf balls or marbles in fingerpaints, then rolling them around inside a shoebox

I am looking forward to trying the tissue paper art, and I think I’m going to look for some kid-safe scissors that make pinking-style cuts; I’m sure that George would have a great time… although I can see the phone bill cut up into cute little zig-zag pieces…

I’m also looking for book suggestions — anything with fun, inexpensive, toddler-oriented crafts.

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