Magic Smoochies & Tom Cheese

Never in my life could I imagine the power that a Mommy’s smooch has in healing a wound.

Here are some things I have said this past week that I never thought I’d hear myself utter:

“Don’t lick the bottom of your shoes.”
This one is pretty much self-explanatory.

“Get that plastic bag off of your head.”
Again, another one that’s pretty self-explanatory.

“Hold onto your cheese!”
This occurred in a grocery store parking lot. We have to crash the cart into the cart corral every week, and then run “FAST!” back to the van. George was eating his ‘Tom Cheese’ and I told him to hold on to it while we were running.

(Unkie Tom was eating string cheese at the house one day, and Georgie wanted some. So now he calls string cheese “Tom Cheese.” It’s his favorite snack and he asks for it every day.)

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