Six Weeks Already?

Baby Smiles

I had my six week postpartum visit with my midwife this morning, and I’ve recovered well from Ethan’s birth. I’ve already dropped most of my pregnancy weight, and I’m only 10 lbs. away from my goal of 130. Chasing a toddler around and cue-nursing a baby should help me shed that (safely) by May. Not that I’m keeping track or anything…

We were talking about parenting boys this morning; her two oldest are 21 months apart, same as George & Ethan. She said that they fought like tigers when they were younger, but they’re best friends now (at 23 and 22). I would like these two to have the same type of relationship when they’re grown — I just hope that I can successfully referee them until then!

I look into the eyes of these babies, and I know I’m going to mess up. Isn’t that part of the territory? There are times when I lose my temper with Georgie and say things to him that I regret. Despite this, I can’t just throw up my hands and say “Oh well, I’m going to fail at this, so why bother trying?” I have an obligation to be a good parent to my children, no excuses. Lots of parents that abuse or neglect their kids blame their upbringing, or lack of education, or parenting skills, or money, etc. But they don’t look in the mirror.

So I know my kids are probably going to blame me for problems that they encounter, or personality traits that are less than desirable. And they’ll probably be right. But all I can do is meet their emotional, physical and spiritual needs properly, so that they have a firm foundation for their lives.

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