T- 1 Week to Baby-dom!

This little guy is due in a week. I can’t believe it! Every time I catch a sideways glimpse of myself in the mirror, I am shocked at how huge my belly is. And I only gained a total of 23 lbs. this pregnancy — I gained almost 40 last time.

At my midwife appointment on Tuesday, I was 4cm dialated, 100% effaced with bulging waters. As much as I want to know if there’s been progress, I hate that pins-and-needles feeling of “is this contraction the start of ‘real’ labor?” drives me crazy. I try not to pay too much attention to my contractions so that I don’t get worked up, then irritated when they space out.

For some reason, I had the 22nd in mind, but I guess he’s going to hang on a little longer. He’ll come when he’s ready, and I finally had that pivotal “I’m ready” moment on Tuesday. Seeing a six-week-old baby boy snorting in his sleep was enough to turn the tide for me.

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