Not Long Now

Baby is due in 1 week 6 days, and I don’t know if I’m going to make it that long.

My midwife checked me at my visit this past Tuesday, and I’m almost 4cm dialated and 80% effaced. I’ve been losing my plug for about 2 weeks now, and have definitely been having more contractions. Unfortunately, they aren’t “working contractions” and they tend to space out and slow down after a while. Things progressed so quickly last time (I woke up to contractions 3-4 minutes apart & 60 seconds long & George was born exactly 5 hours later after 20 minutes of pushing) so I am paying closer attention to things. Which drives me crazy, since they keep petering out!

Another stress factor is that most likely, George won’t be around when I hit active labor (between working, side jobs & the remodel, he’s otherwise engaged 90% of the time) and I’m really leery of calling him home from work if it isn’t ‘the real thing.’

It doesn’t help that I was probably about 7-8cm last time before finally admitting that I was in active labor and telling George “You NEED to call the midwife!” I just would rather that things progress on their own. I know that real labor won’t slow down or stop no matter what I do, I just hate having to scrutinize every contraction so carefully.

Total emotional breakdown this morning, I just feel so stressed out about everything. I know that a large percentage is hormones, but there are also some very real stress factors at play. Why is it that absolutely nothing works according to schedule? And this is so difficult, me being the Virgo that I am.

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