You Should See the Other Guy

George has his first shiner. And boy, it’s a good one. He walked into the dresser drawer… it swelled within a minute, and I started to freak out a bit, worrying that his orbital bone was broken or something like that. Fortunately, his “Boo-Boo Bob” icepack came in handy and the swelling came down considerably. No worse for the wear, I just get funny looks from people at the grocery store (who obviously have nothing to do with young children). If anyone says, “Nice shiner!” I say, “Yeah, you should see the other guy.”

St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow! I think of how we used to “celebrate” — taking the day off work, eggs and shots of Jameson at 8AM, working our way downtown to the parade, Guinness, then Harp, then Guinness (real Irish NEVER drink green beer), eating something, drinking some more… it’s a wonder I survived some of those days.

Nah… I don’t miss it.

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