Sleep, Baby, Sleep

We’re having a difficult time on the sleeping front. I thought that, perhaps when tooth #6 pushed its way through, we might actually get a break and he may sleep for more than a three-hour stretch… no luck so far. I’m so frustrated and tired that I’ve actually considered crying it out, which is amazing since I do NOT believe in it. Ugh. We have to figure something out, or I’m not going to make it.

I’ve been very cranky of late; little things like this, which normally don’t bother me, really are getting on my nerves.

(I deleted an anonymously-posted comment because it contained vulgarity. I’m amazed at how ignorant people are so quick to peck away at their keyboards when shielded with relative anonymity. It makes the littlest people feel strong.)

Off to do taxes — oh, yay.

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