Come In Tooth… PLEASE…

Oh. My. God. Will this teething never end?

I checked the baby’s food diary, and I noted on November 11 that he was starting to cut tooth #5 (on top). It is now December 30 and the tooth finally broke the gum surface yesterday. He’s been sleeping very poorly for the past two months, and I’ve finally dug in my heels and started putting him in the crib through the night. He wakes on average of every 2-3 hours, and there are nights that he has me up every hour on the hour… but I have to persevere, as we are not going to continue cosleeping. It just isn’t working well for us, and it’s insanity to continue the same actions expecting a different outcome.

George’s first Christmas was fun, if only a bit stressful. I was determined to make Christmas a simple affair, and I was careful to stay on budget. He had more fun tearing the wrapping paper than playing with his gifts, although he warmed up to his new police car and workbench very quickly. He drops the ball in the drill press and his workbench plays this little tune; when it starts to play, he starts dancing. Uncle Tom named it “The Doopie Dance” because he bounces his doopa up and down. I caught it on video the other day, it’s hilarious.

He’s trying to pronounce words; his first was “good” followed by “car” and “Tom” and “Oma”. He hasn’t modeled any more signs, but his cognitive abilities are really amazing. If you ask him “Where is your cereal?” he will point to his Puffs. He knows “book” and “duck” and “dog” and “bird” and “shoes” and “ball” and “light” and “toothbrush” but we’re still working on the signs for all of these. I’m starting to feel a bit discouraged, since I’ve been modeling these for him for about six months now, and he’s only seemed to grasp “light.” I’m sure he’s on-target developmentally, but I’m a mother, it’s my job to worry.

…Oh, and prayers are greatly appreciated. We’re dealing with some icky stuff right now.

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