First Haircut

Boo-hoo, Georgie had his first haircut today.



We took him to this place called Kids Kuts in Rocky River. It was expensive ($16 for a water spritz and trim!) but it was his first haircut. They give you several locks of hair for his baby book, plus they take Polaroid and give him some stickers, a comb and a little memento card for his baby box. The “chairs” are animals (like you see in a playground) and they have a train that runs through a mountain that gives the kids something to keep them occupied. I was amazed at how well Georgie did, especially with the clippers — he sat very still when she trimmed up his neck and sideburns! Next time, Papa will have to take him to his new barber, Mr. O’Connor. (I am scared to DEATH to cut his hair. The stylist asked me if I’d trimmed around his ears, and I laughed. Was it that obvious?)

Now that he’s finally had a haircut, we can take his picture for our Christmas cards. I thought about taking him to have them done professionally, but it’s expensive, and that’s why George bought me a digital camera!

On Sunday, Uncle Tom came over and helped George put together Georgie’s little car. (Let’s just say it’s a good thing that there were extra parts.)Georgie climbs on it every morning, wanting me to push him around the living room and kitchen. Hey, whatever keeps him quiet, right?

I bought Georgie his first pair of snow boots today, and he was clomping around getting used to them. I’m going to take him out in the snow tomorrow and see what he thinks.

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