A Man’s Man

I heard a very interesting quote the other day; a woman said that she was raising her son “to be the kind of man I would want to marry.”

Men aren’t treated with respect nowadays; watch any television sitcom and you’ll see the father being made out as stupid, always saying the wrong thing, accused of acting like a “typical man” for watching sports or labeled as a “chauvanist pig” for expecting his wife to cook or clean. Men are being emasculated by our society, expected to overcome their nature and be “evolved.”

I hate the fact that my son is being brought up in such a society. I appreciate my husband’s take-charge personality, his sense of responsibility to his family and friends, his masculinity. I want my son to mirror those traits, and I want to set a good example so that he sees a healthy relationship between his parents. I want him to see the beauty of wifely subjection (Camille Paglia is coontemplating suicide as I write this) and husbandly leadership.

And what of unconditional love? It’s so uncommon in this day and age. I feel that it is so important for him to know that we will love him no matter what path he chooses. We will do our best to offer him a firm foundation of conservative morals and beliefs, and hope that he sees the benefits of our example. I will never disown him simply because I disagree with his decisions. I have experienced such abandonment, and could never visit that upon my child.

I feel the weighty responsibility of setting a good example, teaching him properly, watching my language. I must shield him and nurture him. I must raise him to be a strong man, a good man. A man like the one I married.

3 thoughts on “A Man’s Man

  1. Carl_santo

    Nice to see your societal mirror is the sit-com.

    I doubt anybody is contemplating suicide because some west side dim wit sits at home typing web letters. “Wifely subjugation”- you’re an inspiration for freedom and equality everywhere. Oh wait no your not…I was right the first time you’re a dim wit…

    By the way it’s contemplating not coontemplating

  2. I'm the Mommy and I say so.

    Wow, Carl. You blog-hop and feel compelled to comment on my “dim witted Web letters.” Perhaps your mother was a bit overbearing and you can’t comprehend the idea of a woman taking pride in a traditional role?

    By the way, “dim-wit” is usually hyphenated.
    And “no your not” should be “No, you’re not.”
    And west side should be “West side.”


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