Escape from Babytraz

I’m too tired to keep trying to calculate how old he is to the day; besides, it’s boring. I know it, but I keep doing it. Isn’t that the definition of insanity? To see how old he is, check the ticker at the bottom of the page.

Things that have happened lately:

  1. I weighed the monkey last week at the lactation support group and he’s a hefty 17.5 lbs. with a dry diaper.
  2. He’s getting the hang of digging his toes into the carpet and trying to push himself forward.
  3. He’s pulling himself up to a standing position every single time I put him in his crib. The only way I can keep him from doing it is to lay him on his back, as he hasn’t completely grasped rolling from back to front. Yet.
  4. We saw grandma & grandpa at the orchestra last week, and he seemed to do really well. Unless he’s overly tired, he seems to be getting better with his strangeness.
  5. I’m thinking his top two teeth are coming in, he’s been drooling a lot and gumming his teething rings.

Recent pictures uploaded to his photo album.

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