24 weeks 2 days

According to my calculations (24 weeks times 4 is 6 months) Georgie was six months old on Sunday… but by dates, he won’t be actually six months until July 18. I have no idea how to count…

His first tooth finally sawed its way through on Sunday night. He’s been in much better spirits since it finally showed, and hopefully he’ll sleep better as well. I’m not counting on it, though, since the next tooth appears to be right behind the first — kind of like the Matt Damon & Ben Affleck of baby teeth.

I’ve been taking Georgie to the Baby & Me program at the library, and I met a girl, about my age, with a daughter that is about 2 1/2 months younger than Georgie. (Taitum is just adorable, always smiling and watching the other babies.) Turns out, she’s a third-grade teacher and knows George from Operation Lifesaver (the train safety program he teaches third-graders). Small world!

He’s really rolling from front to back, and sitting up well. Hasn’t shown much interest in crawling, although he will plant his feet against my leg and push off, inchworm style.

First time in the pool the other day! Embarassing nakey-doopa picture is in the photo album.

We’ve started signing with him, more to get ourselves in the habit of using signs than anything else. We use Mama (thumb to cheek, fingers extended), Papa (hand to forehead, fingers extended) Nursey (milking motion with right hand) and Book (fold hands together like a book). He’s beginning to make eye contact with an object (e.g., Eddie) then look at us for confirmation. When he does that, we try to use the sign and the word. From what I’ve read, babies can start signing as early as 7-8 months of age, so there’s no harm in getting started.

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